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For the past 15 years we have focused mainly on boutiques and approach every event as a unique experience.

Known for personalized service and consistent attention to detail, along with a talented team of chefs, we are able to accommodate a multitude of palates.

Our culinary direction features an emphasis on the careful sourcing of high quality, fresh, and local ingredients.

dp catering will work with you to tailor your event (including weddings, private events, yachts, and in-home parties) to realize your vision!


about our management team

Dennis Silva and Patricia Merickel met while working together at Harry and Marilyn Lewis’ Hamburger Hamlet restaurant. The restaurant catered to the entertainment industry and their motto was “Simply Marvelous Food and Drink.”

Dennis started at the Hamlet over twenty years ago with an entry-level position. He was mentored by Mr. Lewis, and eventually rose into Management Operations. Patricia entered the Hamlet a few years later and began her training with Dennis. After years of working together, Patricia struck out on her own and became a flight attendant – traveling the world and sampling many different cuisines. She then returned to the industry, and opened her own Italian restaurant.

While Patricia was busy operating her restaurant, Dennis joined the Armani Cafe Restaurant located inside South Coast Plaza. The Armani Cafe was owned by fashion designer Giorgio Armani. It was there Dennis learned to embrace the concept that “Flavors compliment the elegance of the surroundings, contributing to a harmonious, subtle aesthetic that conveys a sense of well-being. This is an individual approach to dining based on Mr. Armani’s philosophy that values simple, good food above all else.” Beginning with Mr. Lewis’s philosophy and advancing with Mr. Armani’s, and Dennis needing to assemble a management staff to embrace these philosophies he contacted Patricia. With Patricia’s hands on knowledge of excellent Italian cuisine and experience this was a perfect fit. While at Armani Cafe (later to become Quattro Cafe) and attending to a fashion forward clientele, Dennis and Patricia launched Armani’s catering arm at South Coast Plaza. With over 200 boutiques at South Coast Plaza this was a perfect setting.

After 15 years, Dennis and Patricia decided to venture out on their own, and formed DP catering. Their philosophy encompasses that of both Mr. Lewis and Mr. Armani combined with their own three golden rules:

Eliminate the superfluous,
Emphasize the comfortable, and
Acknowledge the elegance of the uncomplicated.